A Cup Full of Destiny

Coffee for two (or four)
A cup full of Destiny

This image was one of those grab shots- we ordered cappuccinos and they were so beautiful– I said “wait, let me get a shot first” (like I often do at bars and restaurants!) And it came out so perfectly lit by window light! Couldn’t have planned it better! I like this image so much, it has been my iphone background for a very long time! But here is what is so sweet about it and probably why I like the image so much– it reminds me of the date. It was actually a “blind date” of sorts, set up by my Pastor’s wife! I was traveling across country (literally, to North Carolina) and she said, “you need to hook up with Linda – you two would really enjoy each other!” Call her up and tell her I suggested it! Wow- don’t think I ever did that before, but how cool! We instantly connected and have been friends ever since. She has challenged me and inspired me and I have thought of her passionate, bubbly charm a hundred times, wishing we lived closer. Sometimes, there are people who are meant to be in your life and you just know its for a BIG reason. So every time I see my cups of coffee, I drool,- haha- and then think of Linda and what she represents to me: a woman who is living her dream, walking in her destiny and bringing so many of us along with her! Thank you Linda, for the jolt of energy you bring to the table! Just like that cup of coffee!

One of the sweetest things about photography: a picture is worth a thousand words and memories. 🙂

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