Juggling Life

Juggling Life

Golden opportunities. Life is full of opportunities but we must balance them and do things in season. Everything we do is like a ball–and we are constantly juggling the balls to keep them in the air. The problem is if you are juggling too many, it becomes impossible to keep them all in the air and ultimately you “drop the ball” or perhaps all of them! Every day we need to consider which balls we need to juggle today-the ones we MUST keep up, in motion, and the ones that can be alongside us, waiting their turn. Each one a golden opportunity, but if taken out of turn, can become a shattered mess.
My quest, then, is to ask for divine wisdom on which ones are for today and which things will need to wait. As I learn to juggle effectively, my abilities will increase to handle more, but there will always be a limit, based on the elements– the weather, distractions, if Im tired, etc. Balance and wisdom is required; –And to always be looking UP.

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