Facebook Window

FB windows

Thinking about Facebook and how some have it and some don’t… and how we use it to stay in touch. It’s like a window to your life. Not your soul, necessarily– nothing to be afraid of, but we choose where that window is in our “house” and how big it is. Some people have their window in the kitchen and they comment about food and what they ate or cooked! Some have it in their office and use it for business and client building or education/promotion! Some have it in the bathroom and just post crap. Some in the trashcan and its pretty smelly. Or in the living room where all the family gathers and the kids play! Well, you could have one wherever you want- even in the yard or garage! I’m sure some share their love of plants or cars!
But its also the size. Is your FB a porthole– just a tiny peephole into who you are? (Or the part of you that you share?) Or is it a picture window, open to more? Transparency is a funny thing. It is putting yourself out there and somewhat vulnerable, but its also opening the door for others to be safe with you. I try to be completely transparent, and show the real me to everyone I meet. It seems to work well for me because so many of my friends “let me in” too. The reward of transparency is intimacy of relationships. The risk of transparency is real too. Sometimes you get hurt. To me it’s worth the risk.

Back to the window–what do people see in your window? What do you move over to the ledge? Your kids, your vacations, your disappointments, your A-Ha moments, your cynicism? Maybe your inspiration and your encouragements? It really made me think about who I am on FB too. What is in my window? A worthy challenge to consider. Are the lights on so people can see in the dark? Or is it darker inside that it is outside, and no one can see in? Perhaps we should consider 1) how bright is our window in relationship to the outside, and what do you have up close to the window to see? I think I will take a walk in the yard and see what my window looks like from the outside. Could be an eye-opener!


One thought on “Facebook Window

  1. Very well said, Suzette! I held off on FB for many years for some of the very issues you spoke of. With your permission, I would like to pass this blog post on to others who would appreciate your articulate musings.
    Thanks for posting your thoughts.

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