Be a Sail

Be a Sail
Be a Sail

A sail- a piece of fabric, attached to a boat (or vehicle). Pretty much useless without the wind.
I was recently challenged to consider my “self” as non-existent. I’m only a Sail or a Kite, and only alive or doing anything when the wind is blowing on me (wind of the Holy Spirit). There is nothing to consider as far as choosing self over Him. Wow…. it is then very obvious that I can do NOTHING but be a limp rag on my own, but I can be AMAZING in the wind. And really go places! It really has nothing to do with me, either, except my positioning. I should focus on positioning and readiness because you never know when the wind will pick up or which way it will blow.

Wow, what a paradigm change! It has made all the difference! It takes fear and doubt out of the equation. It means I don’t have to worry about how things are going to work out if I’m being taken somewhere by the wind! No fear, only adventure!
So here is a fresh challenge: Consider seeing yourself as a sail, not as your current self, trying to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and perform or fix stuff. Take a deep breath and ask Him to blow on you and your circumstances and then stand. Know that you only need to Stand (that is your primary position) and He will take you where you need to go with His Wind.


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