“Simplify”… an ongoing journey

Suzette in Half Moon Bay, CA, 2002
Suzette in Half Moon Bay, CA, 2002

That’s been my mantra for probably 10 years. And this portrait was taken by my Sarah, 10 years ago. I’ve always been too ambitious for my own good and its easy to get too many things going… and being the daughter and grandaughter of packrat and a hoarder, (in that order) I’ve had my genetic challenges of stripping down all the excess I don’t need to haul around. I’m actually pretty proud of myself for the extreme simplification of my life. Simple is good. Its pretty necessary when you have a lifestyle of traveling 4-5 months a year. And it’s a good mindset as a teacher: get to the heart of the matter and build from there.

But it IS a constant journey. Our culture is all about “stuff”. We are trained to love, accumulate and take pride in “stuff”. And we always want better or bigger “stuff”. Or multiples of the stuff we like. But really, only one is all we need of most things. I live in a 572 square foot house. 20’x27′ plus a closet extension. Yep- its small, and Yep- its perfect. We originally planned to add on, but why? We love it! (it also helps me keep from accumulating stuff!!) But I’ve so grown to love the simplicity. Less to clutter, less to clean, less to fuss. And now we have one car. I totally works for us!

Now it’s time for my camera. Yeah, really. I am seriously considering getting rid of my big Nikon and going to the smaller, more portable, light, simple, Mirrorless Lumix cameras– for Everything! Not just vacation pix! Yeah, I know– sounds pretty drastic. But it is perfect for my journey. I’m traveling more, going to Italy next year and we need to travel light. Its sort of a no-brainer. I’m also getting older and my poor hand hurts after lugging around that huge camera and lens all day….It’s time to simplify again. Every time I do, it feels better, lighter, easier to breathe.

It’s time to let go of the past and press on to the future… change is difficult sometimes, but necessary. But hanging onto the past, while dabbling with the future REALLY complicates things! (like lugging around DOUBLE the equipment like we have lately!) It is time to commit, let go and be free to enjoy what the future has to offer! (in photography, in life, in relationships, and our spirits)


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