Divine Appointment

Spreading Sunshine

Tonight I met a very special lady on the phone- we were talking about portraits, and Hope, and fighting cancer… and I will have the honor of photographing her family soon! We talked and cried and had such a wonderful exchange; it was as if we already had a previous connection. Ideas and pictures and stories flowed naturally and I told her I would send a picture of a family praying together (we will do one of hers, praying for her miracle) and I thought, “I should blog about this because it is going to be a picture of Hope!”
So I sat here to type. But I just couldn’t get this image out of my head…this is the picture I HAD to post for her. It’s called “Spreading Sunshine”.

Because her sweet, youthful voice and her sunny attitude and her bubbly personality all add up to how this portrait makes me feel. A joyful exclamation of Life! I so look forward to meeting her face to face and photographing her family, but in my mind’s eye, this is how she looks! My new found friend. I can tell already, she IS a picture of Hope!


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