Still Standing

Still Standing 5x7

Still Standing.
This was my picture of hope on my desk for almost two years, and now I’m sharing it with my friend. For me, 2010 and 2011 were some of the hardest years for me and my business, and it seemed like nothing was ever going to get better. I kept believing for things to change but they never did…it seemed like it dragged on forever. I kept “paying it forward” but nothing ever came back! I was so discouraged.

But I KNOW God’s plans for us are good and not evil, to bring us hope and success and a future, so I had to believe they would change– eventually! I didn’t know what that would look like but I knew it had to be better than where I was. It felt like it was not just me- but my whole industry. I knew many who were in that same boat. Looking at despair, squarely in the face.

So many days I could barely go on. My only goal became the challenge to “still be standing” when the fog cleared. This picture, which sat here on my desk, reminded me every day of my faith that things would turn around, and when they did, I WOULD be found, Still Standing. I was determined not to give up. And now, looking back, it was worth it and things HAVE turned for the better!

So, my dear friend, I have passed this to you. Be strong and let your heart take courage. Things WILL get better and the heavy fog WILL lift… and when it does, you will Still be Standing and you will be so glad you stood through the storm. Be strong!


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