Goodbye, Mr. Ed

Egan Family_painted Eapoh

My heart is broken. This man of God, “Mr. Ed” has gone home to heaven. Today. A sudden heart attack and he was gone. My heart breaks for his wife and kids and the hundreds of kids in Kids Church that he loved on, nurtured, raised up, prayed over, taught and laughed with. Mr. Ed would stop at nothing to make you smile! Every child lit up when they saw his face. I just can’t understand why…. why him? why now? Why them? It seems so wrong. But God has His ways and they are higher than ours. And he turns EVERY situation, no matter how horrible, into something good over time. Restoration and healing is on the way, and something better– if that is even possible. We can’t even comprehend anything better–any One better than Mr. Ed? He lit up the hearts and eyes in every room he entered and was every child’s best buddy. Ed, we are so sorry for ourselves that we must go on without you. We know that you are happy now, in the Father’s arms, but we are so sad for us…..where will our buddy be, who always stirred up Joy and Hope in every situation?

Sigh… as much as I love this portrait which I painted from an friend’s instagram, my heart breaks because we had a portrait scheduled for Saturday afternoon. Only 2 days from now. 😥
There’s no guarantee of anyone’s tomorrow… We must cherish and remember with photographs all those whom we love. I just want to photograph every family I know. This week. Before it’s too late. 😦


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