Won Over by Love

Won Over by Love

My lil’ Sweetheart, Squeak.
I’m not a big fan of cats, historically. In fact, I’ve said many times in jest, “cats are a waste of fur”, only for the reaction of course, being pretty ambivalent about cats.
But about 3 years ago, my mom adopted two cats and they were both abused. UB, (short for “Unexpected Blessing”) is a huge Maine Coon cat who worships the ground she walks on and couldn’t give a rip snort about the rest of the world. And that’s pretty much how I feel about him too. (no offense, mom, I know he is your best buddy). But Squeak, is another story. She barely ever meows, and when she does, it sounds more like a weak little squeak. Yeah, that’s as creative as naming a black cat “Blackie”, but that’s what name she got. She pretty much stayed under the furniture for weeks and only rarely came out, only to be frightened by the smallest noise or quick movement and she was gone again. It was a sort of challenge to even get close to her and maybe even pet her! What was weird, is that both cats insist on sniffing your finger first before allowing any petting or getting close, and we joke about it all the time now! But over the years, Squeak has gotten more and more brave with me and I am always gentle with her, soft spoken and full of sweet nothings. She now has a routine to jump up on the sofa behind my head when I’m sitting and visiting with mom, and she will purr so loudly and try to rub against my hair (without actually touching me, of course!) My mom will laugh and tell me how much Squeak loves me, even though I can’t see or feel her– I can just hear the loud purring behind me! But little by little I’ve won her over. Now she will hop up on the 2nd platform of her cat tree to be petted and she will “show off how cute she is” by coyly peeking around the post and rubbing her face on the platform begging for attention. She LOVES to be petted on her safe kitty post!
It’s amazing how her personality has completely transformed over the past 3 years, just by someone loving her no matter what, and always being gentle with her. She even recognizes my voice on the phone when I call from my many trips and mom uses the speaker phone. Mom says Squeak will bolt to the kitchen to look for me out the door window expecting me to be on the porch! That just warms my heart! But it is such a wonderful reminder of how we all blossom when showered with TLC and unconditional love. Over time, of course. Trust takes time to build. And she loves me and trusts me….ALMOST enough to get on my lap. Not quite yet– but it will be a victorious day when my lil Squeak hops up on my lap for a little love and lets me hug her like I’ve wanted to so many times. Love conquers all…if we give it time.
(and in the process, we are won over as well)

One thought on “Won Over by Love

  1. Oh, it is so true that love conquers all, even a skittish little cat. Squeak does love you. Just yesterday when we came home from getting our nails done and we were on the porch talking to Dad, Squeak came running, yes, running out to see you. She just ran past me to get to you. So there is no doubt that you are her number one fan. I am so thankful for your loving kindness that brought her out of her shell and now she is the sweetest little Squeak.

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