A Fresh Season! It’s Spring!

Feels like Spring!

Daffodils always make me happy because they say the winter is over and it is finally spring! These daffodils are from Philadelphia, at a friend’s studio, a sweet friend who brings spring with her wherever she goes. She is sunny and bright, full of color and vivacious passion and great ideas. She’s a go getter, a git-er-done kinda girl and things around her just happen. She makes them happen. Or sometimes she just speaks life into the people around her and makes them believe that they could make things happen. Funny how that happens; Passion (and empowerment) rubs off on people.
That’s what is so powerful about what we bring to the table. Or the atmosphere we carry with us. Sometimes we carry the fire, and sometimes we pass it on to someone and let them carry it awhile, nodding with approval and confidence as they glance back at us…
“Is it ok? Can I run? Can I do it?” racing through their minds.
We take turns. We lead. We rest. We encourage, we help, we speak faith and encouragement to those who are just learning. Ultimately, we are fathers and mothers of those who follow after us. After Winter, comes spring. It is a natural progression, and even though change is uncomfortable, making room for the new is necessary or there is certain death. It’s like reinvention. Or recycling. Bringing new life to a season past.
Are you in a season of your life that is bleak and cold? Perhaps it is time to let the spring come. Either reinvent yourself or find another to encourage and let them do the heavy lifting while you do the cheerleading. Are you ready to spring into action or are you ready to be a springboard for others? Either way, bring your spring….it is time!

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