Time to really SHINE

Jasmine, my poster-girl for Lumix ads!
Jasmine, my poster-girl for Lumix ads!

Well today it is official! I am a “Lumix Luminary”, sponsored by Panasonic! I am so stoked and encouraged and empowered to go out and pursue teaching with a fresh, creative message! I have been paying it forward for so many years. Like 12 or so–and FINALLY, I’m in a position to really make a difference, influence and profit from my efforts. It feels unreal that it is happening. So many projects over the years have ended up in a big zero… just didnt work out! …the promises faded away. But I kept plodding away in faith….
But really? Did this really just happen? As you can tell I’m in a happy tail spin. Today I hit the ground running and I’m not holding back. I’ve been waiting for an opportunity like this for years. Thank you, God, for finally bringing me here. A step in the right direction, for the next big thing. I know its a stepping stone to bigger things, but its a good one! YAY!

Panasonic also licensed this image of Jasmine for a year for the National ads. That is a first for me too…I’m so happy I could just pop!


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