Strangely Dim….

Strangely Dim...
Heavenly Perspective

I love to ride in a plane and watch the earth go by – with all the amazing patterns and designs and colors and textures. Every time, I’m compelled to grab my camera and shoot out the portal window like a crazy woman! You’d think an exciting action-packed event was going on below! Oh, but the colors, the textures, continually changing as we soar through space at breakneck speed!

I relish a clear, crisp day, but usually the view is somewhat obscured and dimmed by the atmospheric haze. Fortunately my camera (Lumix GH3) has settings to increase contrast, color an sharpness on the fly, although I have take many a dull aerial shot with my DSLR (with no custom settings) and processed the daylights out of them in Lightroom to get a cool crisp image later on. It’s a lot more fun and creative in the moment, though, reveling not only in the colors, textures and designs, but in the fun challenge of creating on the fly to get a good shot (when there’s nothing else to do anyway)!
But what strikes me as significant, is that when we have a heavenly perspective, and choose to view our world from a high point, (seated at the right hand, perhaps) the earth does become strangely dim. Obscured by atmospheric haze…distance….and everything looks the same, but curiously different.

I have to note the stirring element of a heavenly perspective is the clarity and substance of the clouds. No, they are not wimpy, delicate, transient; they are structured, powerful, holding their place at a specific altitude. They exude far more power and influence than typically viewed or perceived from the earth.
This causes me to think- that not only do we need to fly more places to be reminded of this visual and positional phenomenon, but we need to regularly take our place in the heavens, setting our thoughts on positive things, honorable things, beautiful things, truth and justice and we need to take our place at the right hand of the Father and THEN look at our lives and the clouds that dim our days…. Our perspective would be completely changed.


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