Jenny’s Hope


Please Click this link to see a powerful Video:

A Hybrid (video+photo+audio) story of HOPE.
Well, once in a while you have the opportunity to speak life and HOPE over someone and watch to see it unfold. Jenny came to me in December to photograph her family “before she lost her hair” in chemo. She was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and was in her 5th year of fighting, when the cancer came back with a vengence and invaded other vital parts of her body. I offered to photograph her family without compensation (as my way of offering her hope in a tough season) and asked her if she would be willing to tell her story of hope and healing in a video. She agreed. [TECH: I shot a little video with my Lumix G5, but I was still shooting with my Nikon. in fact this was the last session I shot with my Nikon and have since sold it] I know she expected me to wait and do the video later but my intentions were to proclaim HOPE and HEALING over her now. On Jan 28th, I posted her video. A day later I got this email from her…
*****Hi Suzette,
I wanted to share that I just randomly checked my junk mail and saw something from Celine Deon Fan Mail. It was this link to advertise an App on Facebook to promote a miracle story for her new song about Miracles. I had to click on it because it just caught my eye…being that I am on the brink of “MY miracle” and that Celine is my absolute most favorite singer on earth!!! Here is the link that I received and below is what I wrote. I thought it was just timely how the email arrived and the perfect video made by YOU was ready to share!
“My miracle story is about the miracle of HOPE. I have stage iv breast cancer that has spread to multiple organs. It returned after my youngest was born in 2010. I am on my 4th type of chemo now. I believe a miracle is about to happen.

Who knows what will happen Suzette, but it is a miracle of HOPE worth sharing right? Thank you again so much for the AMAZING, most perfect video! *****
Wow– she actually said the faith-filled words herself! 😀

THEN, the landslide began…. over 6,000 hits in 3 days and hundreds believing and praying for Jenny’s healing!
Now it is 7 months later and Jenny is still here, going strong and still believing in God’s complete healing. Time will tell, and we are here in positive expectation… enjoy this video and please join in and pray for Jenny’s 100% restoration! She is a most amazing woman, mother of 4, and full of life, HOPE, and expectation of healing! I’m already thanking God!

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