Stars in my eyes

Stars in my eyes

My Sarah always comes to mind when I see stars.

Tonight I reconnected with Sarah. After 3 years of her being on her own, going to UC Berkeley and working in corporate America, she is back, ready to partner with me and take this kite and make it soar! I can’t even put into words how excited I am and how inspired I am and how much I expect the world to open up for us like an oyster with a prize pearl, ready to harvest.
It’s like she is the missing link. The long lost key. The magic number. The combination for the lock. I waited so long for this. I mourned the loss of her in my life and my biz, although she never left my heart. Maybe not my REAL daughter, but in my heart, she is my daughter and a gift from God; the highlight of my life.
Tonight we just talked….my heart burned with passion, with possibilities, with dreams that seemed so realistic for a change! Not so far out of reach when she is here. How does that work? Is it the presence of her in proximity or the vibration of her creative passion, knowing she sees the possibilities about to blossom too and is willing to water and tend the budding potential? Or is it because she knows my world, the photographic industry, the pitfalls and the potentials and has chosen to come alongside and help get us going on an upward swing again? I don’t know, but it feels like magic.
She is a dreamer, with her feet on the ground. One of the best kinds of dreamers, actually. And she is not afraid to dream or take risks or work hard. What a perfect combination.
I’m so happy to have her here, in my corner, on my team, ready to leverage the world to do something amazing with me. Wow! I’m so inspired, so thankful, I’m seeing stars all around…like never before!

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