Road Trip Itinerary!

Road Trip Itinerary!

RoadTripMap NEW

Aug 13 Teaching and Modeling for SCU in Chicago

Aug 14 7am Silver Bean in Chicago for Group Photo
Aug 14 9am Marc Hauser studio for 3J’s Photoshoot
Aug 14 Video & Launch of Tour with Will Crockett
Aug 14 Photograph Chicago sights
Aug 14 Meet with Carol Schlints of MindWorks Photography to see her photograph waterski teams
7pm Traxler Park, Janesville WI. Photograph the Rock Aqua Jays Pro Ski Team Home Show

Aug 15 11am-2pm National Camera Exchange Appearance (show GX7 & mini course on video & Hybrid)
Aug 15 2-5pm Photo shoot and video at The Imagery Studio in Burnsville, MN
Aug 15 6pm Check into Historic Hutchinson House in Faribault MN  [photograph it too]
Aug 15 8pm dinner with the Fam

Aug 16 Faribault City sights tour with Chamber of Commerce 1pm
Aug 16 3J  [JamesJasmineJordan] Variety Show 7:30-9pm  @ Paradise Center for the Arts
– performing live, Please Don’t Go  & showing music video about Faribault

Aug 17 Photograph the Badlands
Aug 17 Photograph Mount Rushmore

Aug 18 Photograph Yellowstone Nat Park
Aug 18 drive 9 hours 😀

Aug 19 Photograph Great Salt Lake flats
Aug 19 Pictureline Camera meet & greet

Aug 19 Sunset at Zion Nat Park?
Aug 20  Perhaps Sunrise in Zion?
Aug 20 Photograph Las Vegas city lights

Aug 21 Edit & refine footage
Aug 21 Torrance CA  (LA) 7pm-9pm Road Trip WrapUP at Paul’s Photo

Aug 22 Santa Monica Beach, Hollywood photos, LACMA
Aug 22 Samys Camera 2-4pm   (Fairfax store)
Aug 22 Record at Upper Room Recording Studio

Aug 23 Go home….:(

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