The RoadTrip on Steroids

The RoadTrip of a Photomaniac's Dreams

Follow us every day as we cross the country!

Wow– Panasonic is releasing a brand new camera and the Lumix Luminaries each get to take a road trip to try it out and do a social media blitz for a trip diary to show off its capabilities! So we are bringing the three most talented kids we know, James, Jasmine & Jordan Douglas, from Davie Florida on the trip of a lifetime to give it a whirl! The kids are also artists, singers, videographers, dancers, etc… [so much talent] so we are going to have a creative blizzard on our hands! Wow– can’t wait to see what we come up with! Check out some of their current works! They will be performing live “Please Dont Go” on the tour in Faribault on the 16th!
Please follow us on Social Media every day from Aug 14-22 as we make the 2500 mile trek from Chicago, Il to Hollywood, CA! We will be visiting Chicago, Janesville WI, Minneapolis MN, [+national camera exchange in roseville] Faribault MN, Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone NatPark, Salt Lake City, [+pictureline camera store], Zion NatPark, Las Vegas, Torrance(LA) [+pauls photo], and Hollywood,[+samys camera]!! We will be posting every day along the way so please tune in to the phototrek on steroids and see what we create with photos, videos and the killer technology from Panasonic that allows us to connect with devices and our social world seamlessly! It will be a feat, and definitely worth following! You can follow us here but check out the Lumix Lounge to see the feed from all the Luminaries making their ways across country too!

Also check out this great GX7 review by Giulio, a fellow Luminary!

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