The Cloud Gate

The Cloud Gate

What a great name for an amazing object of Architecture. An experience indeed.

One of the coolest thing about traveling is the amazing sights you see and the opportunity to be a part of something so distinctly present in time and space. The Launch of the Lumix Road Trip occurred today at the Cloud Gate, in Chicago at 8am. No other time quite like it… the clouds, the sun peeking in and out, and the bizarre fact that there was almost no one there! The sun was boldly lighting up the fortress of buildings alongside the most unique orb I’ve ever seen while it playfully reflected to us how silly we looked, dashing here and there like school-children in a warped mirror! Of course we did self-portraits. You actually have no choice! And we played with wide angles, oh my… and video coming in and out and around and upside down. Was it the novelty of shape or the distorted reflections that stirred up the childlike wonder in us? Instantly we were lost in creativity–so much fun!

I actually got completely caught up in Expressive Art mode on my Lumix GX7 because it is so bold and contrasty and fun. I should have done more variety but it was perfect for the moment! It was as unique and dramatic as everything we saw! [AND I can record videos in that mode as well!] It was great that we got there at 7 am so we could photograph it at sunrise and shoot some music videos. What a good call– to virtually have the bean all to ourselves! We got to play and shoot and marvel at the acoustical effects too, as we sang and rapped beneath this huge mirrored legume!

So we finally had to line up and make our official Lumix Luminary Road Trip Photograph. We of course did a time lapse of the process. And we used a tripod and fired the camera with our iPhone with Lumix Link. At least until the test shots were done! Then we got a fellow photographer to do the deed. Here we are: The Lumix Luminaries, blasting off, each on our own unique journey of discovery with a hot little camera, the GX7! My camera has a serial number of 000009. That’s pretty fresh. I’m just beside myself over it all!

Check out the gallery of fav’s….

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