[pause]…New Web Site!

Hew Home Page

Smug Mug’s Awesome new interface!

OK– its been a short pause in my trip diary– but for a great reason! WOW–Smug Mug has launched their new site engine and I couldn’t be happier! In the last two days, I completely rebuilt my site with a whole new look, flexibility and eye for design! They have hosted my site for years, but with the new build, ANYONE can create a custom site in a few hours and be able to do whatever you want! Initially, I just wanted to have a customizer create something because of the time constraints. But honestly, you still need to imagine WHAT you want it to look like, even if you have someone else do it! Well, in the time it took to figure out what I wanted, I did it!

So, now I can have a great interface to show a huge volume of images like we took on the Lumix Road trip (over 7,000 images!!) AND we can change it on the fly for the next thing! AND I’m making custom pages too! Of course it is still in progress, as I learn what can be done and then get inspired on how to integrate it! Stay tuned as we unfold the images from the trip and then how we can morph our web presence to what we are doing on a continual basis. No more stale sites!

Thank you Smug Mug for making our weblife so much easier and creative! I’m stoked!! #smugmug

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