Honoring Hauser

Exploring a real portfolio
Exploring a real portfolio

After the Cloud Gate Launch we all gathered at the Marc Hauser Studio in downtown Chicago for a Light Lesson by Will Crockett and a live demo by the legendary Marc Hauser. First, we we were introduced to the amazing artist, Marc, as we marveled at his unique and eclectic studio and amazing portfolio on the walls, eclipsed only by his quiet and completely eccentric appearance and aura. With Mustard and Pumpkin-accented Linen weave overalls, a colorful paisley and stripe cotton shirt-and the signature eye patch of course- he greeted us with quiet pleasure. I stood back to gaze at him, this artist of great acclaim. With his grizzled whiskery face, a single eye patch and scratchy voice, you are drawn magnetically to this guy, wondering…..he looks like he could be as gentle as Santa or equally as scary! Having known and admired him for 10 years, fear never entered my mind, but he could certainly stir up a few questions! I was just delighted to see him in relatively good health and in his element-his studio and personal space. It was as wonderful and unique as I expected. đŸ˜€

We assembled and Will Crockett, amazing educator that he is, showed all of us Luminaries and guests the different LED light options, rating them each in areas of color fidelity, cost, flexibility of use, and strong/weak points. It was great to see the array of different options in this new field and have them all evaluated by one of the best technicians in our industry! Jon and I had the pleasure of taking the Fiilex light set up with 3 heads/case/stands/mods and a Photogenic Ion battery so we could use it on location! It definitely came in handy and was very portable!

The big treat for me, though, was for Marc to photograph Jon and I as a couple in a live demo! It was short and sweet, as always, and he printed a 24×36 print on site in his Signature Sepia….wow. Captured on a Lumix GH3 camera, (micro four/thirds), and it was gorgeous that big! AND~ he personally signed it with a fat black marker, like I hoped he would! It is beautiful and will hang in my studio for sure! (thank you Marc!) The other big treat for me was for him to photograph 3J, our entourage of talent [James, Jasmine and Jordan Douglas], who were traveling with us! I know they will someday be celebrity artists, so it was certainly appropriate in my mind for Marc to photograph them along with all the other celebrities he has done in his career. He not only did some great individual and group stills, but did a video of them too, for a hybrid eProduct! It is exciting to see him step boldly into this new arena as well!

The highlight of the visit, though, was at the end after we enjoyed a delicious lunch… Will Crockett pulled out one of Marc’s Portfolios, beautifully boxed in an embossed portfolio, each print gorgeously mounted to be handled only with gloves. Will spoke of Hauser with such honor and pride, carefully lifting out each print, describing the process of developing such a collection, letting Marc tell a few stories about some of the images as he showed each one. It was a circle of honor, with narrator Will, all of us engaged, watching Marc share his stories and images. I remember him saying the key was Consistency…my eyes and ears were alive with inspiration, hoping we would never forget the words and the images of that day, and hoping we all have a friend who honors and cherishes us like Will Crockett does Hauser.

See more images from the visit here: http://www.suzetteallen.com/Public-Galleries/LUMIX-ROAD-TRIP/GX7-Road-Trip-03-Hauser-Studio/
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