Wow on Water!


OMG, what an amazing show! We had the honor of joining SuperWoman Photographer Carol Schlintz of Mindworks Photography in Wisconsin to photograph a Pro Ski Team home show. What a blast to see it and to see her work to shoot this incredible feat!

She was photographing the Rock Aqua Jays for their home show in Traxler Park where they put on a show every Wed and Sunday from Memorial day to Labor day.

Here’s a quote from Carol about them and her work:

“They (the Rock Aqua Jays) won the Wisconsin State (regional as our state is its own region – we are that big, bigger in fact than any 3 other regions combined) Water Show Ski Tournament in late July. They just won the national honors this weekend in Loves Park, IL against 13 other teams from around the country. They hold the world record for the biggest pyramid and are one of the largest teams in competition. You will see a show at their home site.”

Carol has been photographing them for nine years! She says

“My shooting style has evolved while my philosophy of telling the whole story of the show remains the same. All the memories are precious whether you are a dock worker, skier, star, stage, boat driver, etc. I love the family nature of the sport where often there are 3 generations on the same team, sometimes in the same act, and I strive to represent all of that in my images. (My excuse for over-shooting. LOL) My GH3 with the 35-100, often telextended  is a great setup for my captures with the small size/weight leaving me less fatigued after shooting (which I love). The ability to shoot darker conditions is a huge asset as shows are often at or after sundown. I’ve just started capturing video and will be making eProducts once the tournament season is over next week.”

We were completely inspired and what we saw and how Carol worked too! Plus we got a bunch of great images ourselves with the new GX7 and the GH3! (see next post for our pix)

You can see Carol’s amazing images here:

She is also a great blogger for and shares great information for mirrorless camera users! Go, Carol!



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