Historic B-n-B

Historic B&B

What a treat to stay and photograph the Historic Hutchinson House in Fairbault!

We had the honor of staying at the Historic Hutchinson House in Faribault, MN, and photographing it as well! What a beautiful building! The first night we did a night shot of the building at dusk for the moonlit night sky and had the owner, Tami, turn on ALL the lights, even in the turret. I’ve done lots of night shots, but usually not with the cooperation of the owners who go and turn on the lights for you! We took some long exposures to get a base exposure, with a tripod, of course and then did more exposures with a huge LED flashlight where we painted the dark sides of the building, especially on the right and left sides and the pointed roof. Each exposure had one section painted with light. Approx 2.5 to 6 seconds for each exposure. Then in Photoshop, we combined the images, and masked each layer, to only show the portion that was painted with light, and the best location of the moon, since it was emerging from the tree’s silhouette. It turned out to be a very pretty shot, showing off the warm welcoming glow of this gorgeous B&B.

The next morning we tidied up our rooms and photographed the whole place after breakfast. What a heyday of gorgeous window light and classic antiques. The beautifully decorated rooms look so stunning in the Impressive Art mode! I used my 7-14mm lens most of the time because it gives such a great wide angle with very little distortion. There are a few places I wanted that fisheye look, though, so I used my 8mm fisheye with all its round glory. (so much fun to have a huge array of lenses, partly because they are so affordable in comparison to DSLR lenses!) I also found a cute bush of happy daisies outside to test out all the creative modes in my GX7 while Butler, the Dog, sniffed around wondering what I was doing sitting on the sidewalk! Butler is the B&B mascot, entertainer, welcomer, watchdog, and the center of attention most of the time! Great food, great hospitality, comfy beds, photo opp extravaganza….. yep it was a highlight on our trip! Check out more pictures from the Historic Hutchinson House http://www.suzetteallen.com/Public-Galleries/LUMIX-ROAD-TRIP/GX7-Road-Trip-06-Historic-Hutc/ #LUMIXlounge #LUMIXGX7
and see their site too: http://www.historichutchhouse.com/

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