Waterski Feats

Waterski Feats with the GX7
Waterski Feats with the GX7

Yes, this is still day one….so much to do in one day, but this took us to sunset! 😀
Wow, have I learned to love the LUMIX GX7! Doing sports and action is not the type of photography I typically do much, but when I do, I love it so much! Well, the acrobatics and the backlit water spray was a treat for me just to watch but the COOLEST thing was to shoot it with a sharp shooter camera! WOW was I impressed with the responsiveness to focus and follow and capture action! Everything was sharp and crisp too! I have to admit it shines over all the other Lumix cameras I’ve used! The GX7 may not have audio input, BUT, it would be my definite go-to camera for anything with fast motion or focus or quick action. Its ready to shoot in a second from turning it on, too! the burst mode was invaluable too for capturing stills during quick sequences! I think it would be THE camera for a vacation or trip too!

Check out some of these videos (sorry they are straight cuts–not created into an eproduct yet!) I wish I had used a monopod for a few of them, but most are great! It was a blast to see how Carol Schlintz worked and documented their feats. See post “wow on water” to read about her and the team we photographed! https://apictureofhope.wordpress.com/2013/08/31/wow-on-water/

More images and videos from tonight’s show: http://www.suzetteallen.com/Public-Galleries/LUMIX-ROAD-TRIP/GX7-Road-Trip-04-SkiTeam

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