Faribault City Tour

Faribault City Tour

Exploring an historic town with a creative camera!

One of the things I love about shooting with the LUMIX cameras is the creative settings inside the camera that allow me to previsualize and create dynamic images on the fly as opposed to shooting a raw file and having to download it later and work with it in Lightroom to get it to look spectacular. While I still do that on many sessions and images, it is still so much more fun to create WHILE you shoot! For those of you who remember the Polaroid SX-70’s and the process of making monet-like art with a polaroid and a stylus on a hot day, you know exactly what I mean! There’s nothing like creating in the moment, even if it has a limited scope of options compared to post processing later. The great thing with the LUMIX cameras is that if you shoot a creative or B&W file and you are shooting raw+jpg, you have your creative jpg and a real raw file with the best of both worlds! HA! OH- and don’t forget you are carrying HALF the amount of gear and weight in the process too! 😀

But I digress! Old buildings like this one on the Historic Shattuck Campus come alive with Impressive art and Expressive Art and Dynamic B&W settings. There’s just no shortage of ooohs and aaahhs with the creative modes! We also enjoyed seeing the Wool mills, one of the oldest in our country! Truth be told, we didn’t get to see the whole city because we enjoyed ourselves so much shooting on the Shattuck campus, but we loved every minute of the day! We had a fabulous lunch at the Cheese Cave (Faribault is famous for their killer blue cheese!) and prepped for the evening of entertainment: our own 3J in concert! …Stay tuned for more!
See more images of Historic Faribault: http://www.suzetteallen.com/Public-Galleries/LUMIX-ROAD-TRIP/GX7-Road-Trip-08-Faribault-Cit

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