Authentication: a wall to scale

APOH honduras boy alone1586

Wow, its hard to imagine how difficult it is to scale the wall of authentication these days! Simply trying to blog on the road with a mobile device is a feat. After hitting the wall many times, failing and resorting to the computer, I finally forged thru…. it took an hour to do it, but now I can blog from my phone. Security…does it have to be that tight? What is wrong with our world? I have to admit it seems ridiculous to have to be so wary and untrustworthy of everyone and everything the world. I am totally trustworthy so it doesn’t add up to me. One of my Sayings to Live By goes like this: There is no pillow so soft as a clear conscience. That’s worth living by. And I doubt that the authentication verification and security firewall business would be necessary if everyone lived by it. Oh well. We live in the dark, but we can still shine….

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