Cute Black Cows

OMG, Cute black Cows
Quintessential Cute Black Cows

Ok, so I’ll admit. I’m a little goofy about seeing black cows out in a field … in Northern CA, where all the hills are golden brown all summer (they are green in Jan-Feb-Mar) the black cows dotted all over the golden rolling hills are so cute! I don’t even know why I think they are so cute, but I’m psychotic about photographing them every time we go on a trip – I’m shooting at the window like a fool. No, Jon won’t pull over anymore. It’s happened too many times – and he says we’d never get anywhere. Maybe so …
Well, there ARE a lot of “cute black cows” in CA – Especially going down I-5. So I’m content to capture them moving at 65 mph; my typical drive-by-shootings. But as we were going through South Dakota on the Lumix Road Trip, there were lots of “cute black cows” in the green fields! (Almost as nice as golden fields, and still with good in contrast to the green). But what was so beautiful was the sunset – golden, red & orange because of local fires and smoke on the horizon. It made the most beautiful sunset – filtered and red! So of course, I shot like a maniac – so many awesome drive-by scenes with a golden red sunset.

I actually do a lot of Drive-by-shootings (out the window) and typically sunset just doesn’t cut it because of the low light, slow shutter speed combo. But I couldn’t resist this. With the GX7, it is 1 stop more sensitive to light than its predecessors & so responsive to it shoot, so I put it to the test. WOW … I took over 400 shots in about 30 minutes – all of the sunset, foreground racing by at 65 mph. Click this link to see some of my favorites. Yes, lots are lucky shots, most drive-bys are – but lots are successful because of my anticipation (a developed skill for drive-bys) and the remarkable speed and response of the GX7. It will definitely be my #1 road trip/vacation camera next time I go on a trip!

So here’s my winner! The ultimate red sunset and quintessential cute black cow image!
Paul’s Photo in LA printed this up as a 30” gallery wrap in their gallery and it’s gorgeous! I added a bit of texture to it for style in Photoshop – simple overlay mode. But I’m delighted to finally have this image! Of course I will continue to shoot the cute black cows when I see them, but this is definitely a keeper!
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