Rushmore Revelation

Mount Rushmore

Wow – hard to imagine how powerful & impactful the Mount Rushmore monument is. A monolith statement about the founders and leaders of our country – carved in stone. Literally. For generations, forever memorialized greatness. The fact that someone carved their faces into stone in such a larger-than-life way, gives meaning to the significance, impact, importance, visibility. Significant, Yes. In a huge way. It is very clear how important these men were to the artists who carved it.

That’s how I feel about wall portraits, too. We take lots of pictures – now more than ever! America is obsessed with photography it seems, with the advent of the smart phone! I love it – and hate it! I love that everyone is getting into the fun of capturing joy and memories in pixels, but I hate the way it has “casualized” portaiture to the point that many people are no longer having professional portraits taken. It is sad. Because when you capture that image of your family that is priceless, timeless, significant, it is a good thing to make it into a wall portrait. It imparts significance to print it large, perhaps a canvas, framed on our wall for all to see. Just like our presidents carved in stone – only maybe not quite so dramatic a statement! But looking at a family wall portrait every day reminds us of what is important, significant, valued by us. Of course it also establishes the memories of good times and happy faces, but makes an important statement that “This is important to us and we want the next generation to know it too. “ I have a wall portrait of our wedding day (two, actually) and a few smaller ones of my spiritual daughters and godsons in my home, even though I live in a super tiny house with little wallspace. Wall portraits are just a way to speak your heart in a visual language and keep precious memories alive for years to come! What an honor it is to be a photographer and visually carve out memories and establish value in the lives of our clients!

Photo Notes – since we arrived late in the day, the soft light and low contrast of the stone made it less dramatic. Using Expressive Art creative filter revealed the drama and contrast of the stone faces without PS or LR! I definitely like using my LUMIX to create on the fly instead of waiting until later and perhaps not get to it! Typically I shoot it in raw & jpg on the GX7/GH3 so I have my artsy creation PLUS a full “straight” raw file. Having my cake and eating it too! 🙂 See more images: Rushmore
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