Let it Pour

Waterfall square

The Reservoir is full. The ideas and strategies are all stored up. The wisdom and inspiration and instruction we need has been acquired. When we look at the dilemma of the present day, the solutions we need are already stored up in our reservoir.
We gather, we learn, we imagine, we dream, we read, search , soak, acquire what is vital and applicable over time until we are full. And if it sits too long, we become stagnant and it all feels so old and stale and irrelevant…so we go out searching and learning and seeking information again. It’s a cycle that repeats itself if we are not careful.

The truth is, we HAVE what we need to go forward. We possess what we need to succeed. We KNOW what we need to do. It’s all mixed up in a sea of gathered information, though, so it seems diluted and perhaps irrelevant.

So here is the strategy: all we need to do is open the floodgates a little and let it pour. Take action on one little thing, and as the water goes through the spill gates, it gathers momentum and purpose and power! It becomes a powerful force that can accomplish so much! It literally CREATES power! Think of Hoover Dam. The Powerhouse that it is, and the power it generates, created just by pouring out the water, starting with just one gallon. That’s exactly what we need to do.

Start pouring out the ideas and strategies that come up first. Just pick what comes to the top—or dig deep to find one that stirs you…either way! And as you pour, the ideas will flow, creating momentum and power to accomplish what is needed. Pour it out. Take Action; Even if it is just looking at the latch on the spill gate today. Visualize it; See yourself opening up and letting it flow. Don’t let fear stop you. Try it and see.

The water WILL be there and as you start taking action steps, it will become a powerful surge that you won’t want to stop!

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