The Spirit of Daddy

Daddy Oh, so much to write about this beautiful man. He had a rough, crusty exterior, fully etched and marred over time by grease, dents and dirt, but the softness of his heart always overcame. He was selfish and only thought about Dave, but eternally twisted everything he did to love, benefit, serve and help all of us, because that was his core — to love and support. He challenged, criticized and praised us all at once with the expectation of excellence because he knew greatness was in us–and it was. He taught us how to walk in greatness with the spirit of an artisan, but the skill and purposefulness of an engineer. My brother and I both got it. And he taught us how to work hard. To never rest. To always be busy, productive, designing, building, bettering, dreaming. He left behind a trail of projects, mostly unfinished, but every one of them a work in progress to be the most functional, clever, amazing, “whatever” it was! Of course we always teased him about “if it’s worth doing, it’s worth over-doing”! But at the end of the day, he did everything with excellence and with the spirit of redemption. To take what IS, and redeem it–give it new purpose–make it better–redesign it– or recreate it! Never throw it away! And I think that’s what I love the most about him because he had God’s heart and passion. To never throw us away, but to take whatever we ARE (in whatever shape or status of wreckage) and redeem us, reshape us, help us find a fresh, new purpose for which we are ideally designed…to see us come to life as a super-awesome-clever-wow-whoever, that could only have been designed by the Master-Craftsman, our Creator. It seems like Dad was the tangible evidence of God’s Spirit and shows us and taught us a spiritual perspective in a totally physical way. I love you, Daddy! I love your spirit and your vision and your zeal for excellence! Thank you, God, for giving us an earthly father so much like You in specific ways, who totally shaped us for our own future and purpose! 🙂

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