A Little Cup of Heaven

So, while we are here in Kona, Hawaii, it only seemed right to go to a Kona Coffee Farm for a tour and try this much- acclaimed coffee. (after all, coffee IS my friend)  Jonny did a little internet prowling, as he does so well, and found Heavenly Hawaiian Coffee Farm! We packed up our Lumix LX10 cameras and headed up the hill to find it! Yes, it’s a little off the beaten path (as I assume most coffee farms are!) but perched on a lovely hillside overlooking the view of the ocean. Our first impression was classy and looked well-established: an engraved cement moniker block, overgrown by a vibrant bougainvillea and an open gate, graced by a huge metal angel. First thoughts: “This is my kind of place. Perhaps the coffee is just the icing on this cake!”


We entered the gate and drove up the steep road through a lovely hillside of coffee plants to a simple house and another building (the greeting center and office) and a donut-shaped pool with a view to die for. Wow.

HH sign SQ

We parked and got our and were immediately greeted by Bill Myers, the most charming, warm, fast-talking guide ever! It turns out that he was a former Hawaiian Island Concierge for a few years and an incredible wealth of information and history and knowledge—we were spellbound by his stories and warmed by his sunny disposition. He affectionately called himself the “resident storyteller” and adds that he is former politician- reformed of course! Ah– so that’s how he learned to talk so fast! —or maybe it was the coffee!?!


First thing, we talked about the donut-shaped pool (which Jonny-the-donut-hound was smitten by) and how the rental home was often occupied by the Triathlon Athletes who could all train in the pool at once since it is a “jet-stream” pool. Pretty cool!


But, off to the coffee tour! We learned about growing, picking, grafting, harvesting and processing and not only enjoyed the stories of its 38 acre production  but the exciting possibilities of a property acquisition just a little south of where the current farm exists. The baby plants are already sprouting, ready to be transplanted into their new, huge habitat, where harvesting production will start in about four years.

P1000648 coffee sproutsIt turns out that for each little coffee bean, it first must be extracted out of a small red “cherry” fruit and then sun-dried and shelled of its parchment sleeve before being bagged or roasted.

P1000686Heavenly Hawaiian Farm sells 80% of its beans raw for coffee roasters, but the other 20% is roasted by them in a gorgeous modern digital roaster (who knew?) and available in their store, online store or by mail order subscription at www.HeavenlyHawaiian.com.

Needless to say, we drank some of the Kona smooth goodness, while enjoying the view and the company. We were joined by Ron and then another couple and we chatted awhile before the owners, Dave and Trudy showed up!

P1000740What a treat to meet them and hear of Heavenly Hawaiian Farm’s exciting future! Expansion of course, as well as the brilliant inventions on the way to automate the harvesting process and become one of the biggest Kona coffee producers around! But the not-surprising discovery was their heart for the Kingdom of God and blessing God’s people (which is everyone), which was evident not only in their conversation and attitudes but in the favor of God on their business. Definitely kingdom-minded and  I was delighted to learn that they are also on the board of directors of YWAM [Youth with a Mission] whose corporate office and training center is just down the road a few miles.

What a lovely and uplifting afternoon it was, learning about coffee farming and how others are bringing God’s culture and innovation to our world to make it a better place for all of us (AND making great coffee in the process!). Make sure to visit them online! www.HeavenlyHawaiian.com.

SuzetteSays: #drinkingcoffeeisgoodforyou #buildingthekingdom #establishinglove #bringinghope #makingcoffee #spreadingpeace

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