Try Again Two

I was a painter in my former life and I painted this image of the Try Again, in Homer, Alaska in 1981!

Try Again 1981

So, 36 years later, this image of the shipwreck in Point Reyes, CA, a popular tourist spot, speaks so much more to me. I painted this image for my mom and it has hung in her house over 30 years…ever reminding us to not give up, but to continually TRY AGAIN, no matter what lies before us in life! Besides being a beautiful spot and a classic image of a beached boat, it holds a lifetime of memories and moments, ever reminding us to Try, Try Again and Never Give Up! #memories #powerfulstatements #tryagain #suzettesays #nevergiveup #remindyourselftobeawesome #LumixG9 #HighResolution #80mg#Lumixlounge #lumixambassador #photooftheday #5of365

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