Suzette Allen
Suzette Allen

About Me….well, my mission in life is to bring hope to people. That’s pretty much it.

Naw, that’s too short. There’s a little more I should share. I survived a head-on auto accident with a bull moose in Alaska 25 years ago, leaving me brain-injured and completely impaired. It took me 8 years to completely relearn all my life and cognitive skills and it changed my life. I went through hell and deep depression and hopelessness, believing the lie that there is no hope for me. But the truth is, there is ALWAYS HOPE, no matter how dark, how broken, how lost or how hurt you are. My mission in life is to bring people Hope because we ALL need hope–on some level or in some area of our lives! My other passion is Photography. I can’t not do it. I experience a big part of my life thru my lens. So I embrace that. God hard-wired me that way and I love it! My other passion is writing. I write almost every day in my Daily Dialog with God, and while that is a vertical dialog, I’m learning to do a horizontal dialog to share with you. Words of Hope and positive perspectives, photography concepts and whatever comes out. I just need to pour “it” out before I become stagnant or pop! I hope you enjoy my images, my words and my message of HOPE!



One thought on “About

  1. Finally made it to this portion of your vast online domain…
    * * *
    Great inspirational piece…
    and such a wonderful incentive for you and others who stop by.

    Until that time. . .
    Aloha y’all. . . Earl J.

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