Dividing Church and State


I was talking with a photographer friend who was sharing her images of children in a 3rd world country and her passion to help them, contrasting with her business of photographing families on the beach in America, and I told her that her passion or life work need not be in separate compartments. I told her to “not divide church and state--that they can come together and blend.” It just came out. And I know it was meant for me too. And perhaps many of you. But as I thought about it later, I asked God what that meant, really? It’s a novel concept of course, but what exactly does that mean in action? What does it look like?

As I listened, He shared with me what that meant:

God has given us each gifts and talents – your purpose and passion. And His purpose for that is to establish kingdom. His kingdom and His culture. One of Restoration and Redemption. A kingdom of Enough. Of Provision and Success and HOPE. A world full of ideals and lofty ambition and spiritual outcomes.

People in ministry are often characterized by extraordinarily lofty goals and aspirations – unreasonable expectations that clearly cannot be accomplished without some divine intervention. They “walk in faith” to accomplish “God’s work.” It’s common to hear of supernatural outcomes and responses and even culture shifts to come out of spiritual endeavors and projects. We expect it. We expect God to show up because it’s “His gig” and it is “For Him”, right?

But He’s telling us that He wants to bless US and things that are For US, too! He’s not selfish! We are His kids and He has a father’s heart. [Would we only want to help our kids with stuff that benefits us? Don’t we want to help our kids succeed in school and hobbies and sports and everything that they do or want to do?]

As our father, He wants to show up and help us accomplish supernatural feats and massive success in OUR stuff. OUR businesses. OUR ventures and OUR ideas! And just because it is not “religious” or tagged as “ministry” doesn’t mean He’s not interested in blessing it or making it wildly successful. The truth is, He is a proud papa when He sees His kids do well at anything! And He DOES want to show up and partner with us to do something extraordinary and beyond ourselves. The other truth is, He WANTS us to have EXPECTATIONS of His massive blessing and provision and supernatural assistance! We so limit ourselves and our success by what we feel WE are capable of, or deserve. Expectations are powerful and we often live up to or create the world around us because of our expectations, whether they be high or low. But He wants to partner with us in everything we do. The Kingdom of God is on earth and our job is to establish it everywhere. That happens to be what HE WANTS too. Even in our own businesses, our jobs, dreams and ventures, our hobbies, our associations, governments, state organizations, neighborhoods, etc. He wants to be able to bring GOOD into the world! He wants to invade ALL of it to bring about success, benefit, profit, restoration and hope.

So, let’s stop dividing church and state! Let’s stop dividing the spiritual from the secular. God is on our team and wants to partner with us to help us succeed in everything we do. Even our secular jobs and businesses. He is a good, good father who wants to help us succeed and profit and be fruitful and find purpose and joy in what we do. Realize today that He is waiting for you to invite Him into ALL your endeavors, spiritual or not. He’s waiting for you to ask and EXPECT His support and supernatural guidance and power. Just because you are His own son or daughter.

No more division of church and state means to ask for the supernatural provision you would expect if you were **going on a mission trip to Africa to save the children**.

Sure, he wants to help with that, but he also wants to save and bless YOU and YOUR family and business and dreams. You can #bemore because of Him. #expectsuccess #expectfavor #expectation #goodgoodfather #greatness #buildthekingdom #bringit

See Kellie McCann’s amazing work that inspired me to write this blog

#SuzetteSays: Take action: Expect God to want to bless what you do- not because you deserve it but because He is a good father. Then invite Him into your ventures and dreams every day, EXPECTING Him to show up and help you be supernaturally successful.

One thought on “Dividing Church and State

  1. I just purchased a Lumix FZ1000 to help with the videos our ministry produces. These are both the “religious” such as mission video reports, and the “not so religious” that involve overcoming runaway blood sugar and defeating diabetes. I appreciate your FZ1000 training videos, and I am happy to learn you are a believer. Blessings to you and Jon!

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