Balloons of Victory

This week a friend had heart surgery and I planned To take her some balloons but I was stirred to create a video for her instead. Last fall I went to a balloon regatta in page Arizona. We just happened upon it when we were there for the slot canyons with the Arizona photographers group. We got up early and witnessed the set up and  the launch of many beautiful balloons. It was such an inspirational morning in so many ways!

I knew I had the pictures and I could see them all in my mind as I started writing about balloons and this beautiful story fell out of my pen. I created a voiceover on my phone by reading it and recording it and then I just put together a video using the images from the morning shoot. It came together in a really beautiful piece that’s so encouraging! And it was fun to create a piece like this! And it’s all true … we are basically just like balloons and as we are filled with passion and creativity and power from God, we rise up and take shape, We can then soar and navigate the journey that we were destined to travel. And we cannot only do it beautifully but gracefully and with little effort of our own since we are powered by the wind — the wind of the Holy Spirit. I hope you enjoy this short Reel Story.

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