Earth’s Skeleton

Earths Skeleton WEBEarth’s Skeleton

[iphone, taken from the sky on 9-12-15]

I love flying in the window seat across country. The designs in the earth’s face, etched ever so slowly over time are so fascinating! This view reminds me of a skeleton. “The shin bone is connected to the ankle bone….” LOL It’s pathways resemble limbs- and even ribs.

The water has a way of carving its way through the landscape—all its pathways most assuredly connected. The journey requires connectivity. An isolated body of water, not connected to others, is powerless and idle, doomed to stagnation unless it somehow reaches out to connect to other waterways, or finds a way to pour itself out.

But as you look closely, you see how the waterways are so convoluted and complex- certainly not the direct route! There are so many twists and turns and switchbacks and detours! Amazing—and so much like our lives.

We are all on a journey to our destiny- finding our way through uncharted territory and when we step back and look at the paths we have taken (or created) it looks a lot like this. As we journey, other waterways cross our paths and join us. We become stronger and more powerful as we join with others, our paths fatefully twisting together, joining up with new fresh water sources and giving us momentum and power. It’s not a journey to be rushed. The painstaking process of washing away the debris and carving our path in history takes time.

But the Father, our creator, is infinitely patient with us as we journey, just like the curves and twists of the rivers in the desert. He is patiently enjoying us in the process of artfully carving our way through life, finding the “creative route” to our ultimate destiny. And the more we partner with others, the more powerful we become, etching our mark in the culture, changing the landscape and [hopefully] bringing life!

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