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Who would have known that my models for a photo class in LA two years ago would later need a kiss from heaven and a little lift of hope for another season?The story began a couple weeks ago.  My friend, Chere, was diagnosed with breast cancer and this week underwent a 14 hour intense surgery!  But before she went in, her husband Andrew asked me about the pictures we did a few years ago – I never made a video from them- we just did them as a demonstration for a class! The whole family couldn’t even be there, but they were willing to be my models for a few hours just for the fun of it! The images were sitting somewhere on a hard drive…..

So this week, my social media gal, Jan Scales, who is a 16 year breast cancer survivor herself, heard of  Chere’s Story…. She so wanted to share her Hope with Chere and offered to edit the files and make her a video!  I gladly agreed since my week was so full already and no one would be more qualified than Jan to share her success stories and heart full of encouragement with Chere.  Creating a video that is an exclamation of Hope!

Today, she shared this video, which begins with one of Chere’s quotes. I literally cried when I watched it, and it fills my heart with the joy that has compelled me to do photography for over 3 decades….the power of photography is priceless! And video tells a story like mere words could never do. It’s true, a picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth a million!

So here is a video with a million words and hugs full of HOPE for Chere and her family—all of us, and especially her husband Andrew.  We are standing with her and her family, believing and praying for total healing and restoration! No trace of cancer.

Chere is already a testimony to all with her spirit of JOY! She is a singer and songwriter, and her recent release, Bubble UP, is a timely message as well, as she CHOOSES JOY!  There’s new single Bubble Up on ITunes

Suzette Allen,

A Picture of Hope

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